Steps to Grow

March 27, 2024

Steps to Grow

With spring and summer nearing, we are proud to announce the re-launch of our Steps to Grow programme. We run this group once a week within Granton Community gardens, which is based in a safe, secure and natural outdoor environment.

Our Steps to Grow programme has been tailor made for families with children aged 0-5 years old who live within the North Edinburgh locality. We supply all the resources and equipment to enhance stimulation, socialisation and play within the welcoming and natural space provided.

During Steps to Grow, staff are on hand to support and talk to families whilst allowing a free flow environment where activities can be enjoyed. Our activities are usually based around a themed event such as celebrating holidays and special events – Holi festival, Easter, Eid, St Andrews day, red nose day and many more. Families who attend also contribute their own ideas and discussions of topics that they would like to partake in such as learning new skills, community barriers, children’s developmental milestones.

To ensure this need is being met, we always provide a space within the garden where families can come together. All families can participate in an arts and crafts activity, sensory, educational and physical play area. These areas are set up to provide children with opportunities to build on their skills such as problem solving, cooperation and resilience. Having a safe, secure space that enriches children’s minds through investigation and exploration means families can play freely together, builds bonds and learn new skills.

Our principles at Steps to Grow are geared towards creating an enriching and stimulating space where families can socialise, the group provides opportunities for families to connect with others in a gentle way creating cohesion within the community. By being outdoors and enjoying new exciting activities this can also contribute towards boosting mental wellbeing and promote and enhance children’s development. Steps to grow allows for positive relationships to be formed when traveling out with the family home and into a supporting, nurturing and enriching space for all families to engage and enjoy.

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