Seasons for Growth

April 19, 2023

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a programme which helps children and young people understand the experience of change, loss and grief and how these can impact a person’s life. Mubarra completed her Seasons for Growth training in September 2022 and is coming to the end of delivering her first Season for Growth group in Pirniehall Primary School in partnership with Ferrywell Youth Project.

Whilst looking at themes of change and loss the programme also supports the development of communication, decision making and problem solving skills. It helps strengthen personal resilience, coping and social skills and aims to increase a participants sense of belonging, while working to minimise risk factors such as social isolation and lack of support networks. The programme uses a person centred learning approach which aims to create an environment where participants become aware of their own strengths and resources, and decide on their own solutions.

The sessions incorporate a wide range of age-appropriate activities involving drawing, role-play, stories, discussion, play dough, music and journal activities.

The programme has flexibility to cater for participants with different learning needs or preferences. The learning processes reflect a deep respect for children’s capacity to cope, problem-solve, make good choices, set realistic goals and connect with others. Such learning develops best in supportive social contexts with peers and a caring, empathetic, skilled adult ‘Companion’. Children’s learning is documented in a personal ‘Seasons for Growth’ journal so that participants can re-visit their insights in the future.

We look hope to be able to deliver another Seasons for Growth programme after the summer holidays.

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