About Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a Scottish Charity working to achieve positive change for children and families through early intervention.

Our aims are;

  • To support families wellbeing, building resilience and capacity
  • To reduce the isolation experienced by young parent families
  • And to support the development of both parents and children’s confidence, self-esteem and skills.

Principles and Values

We work alongside families to build on their strengths and capacities, ensuring they have equal access to services which support them to achieve their full potential. We believe in an early intervention approach and offering services which are

  1. Non-stigmatising
  2. Holistic and relational
  3. Responsive and timely
  4. Flexible
  5. Community based
  6. Underpinned by children’s rights
  7. Therapeutic


Stepping Stones is managed by a Board of Directors, who are elected from the company membership at annual general meetings. The Board ensures responsible stewardship of the company business and strategic development of the organisation as whole.

The Board employees a Chief Executive who is charged with task of developing services in line with the agreed strategy and the overall management of the organisation.

SSNE Annual report 22-23

Life before Stepping Stones was quite complicated and we didn’t know that services like this existed, and when we did end up getting it, it gave us a lot of help and different things. It wasn’t even just about the kids, it was about our relationship as well.

We accept referrals for families living in North Edinburgh who meet any of the below criteria;

  • young parent families under the age of 25
  • pregnant and expecting a child
  • experiencing challenging circumstances and in need of emotional and social support
  • where a child could benefit from one to one support either within or out with school

About Referrals