Getting Creative

March 27, 2024

Getting Creative

The Introductory Group completed four sessions recently with Creative Electric founder Heather Marshall. Through Creative Electric, Heather creates theatre, live art and tape art with and for people that may not traditionally engage in the arts due to social, physical and/or financial barriers.

The Group learned a variety of art techniques that can help to soothe minds in moments of anxiety. Participants said that;

“Learning tape art was amazing”

“Everything was so good and very relaxing”

“The art group helped me personally with my mental health condition OCD, it showed me I can be creative without lists and rituals controlling me.  It’s something I’m trying to include in my home life.”

One of the most popular art for anxiety sessions that we took part in was water marbling- watching the patterns of the inks swirling in the water was incredibly calming. The group made beautiful prints, giving participants a sense of achievement and a boost of dopamine!

We also enjoyed the opportunity to take part in block printing, Lego printing and tap art, it was great to explore so many new expressions of art as a group.

The group’s achievements were celebrated at Granton Station Art gallery last week where all their fantastic work was displayed. We’re very proud of all the young parents who took part.

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