Media Education

April 1, 2024

Media Education

Our Tuesday’s parents group has recently concluded their Media Education project where they developed ideas that were important to them into short films.

The group began by mind-mapping ideas for informative short films on topics that the parents felt passionate about. There were no limitations on what could be explored and the parents used several sessions to talk about different themes and ideas. The group move forward with two ideas; the first about finding community in North Edinburgh as a young parents, and the second was about a parents experience of contacting their local GP. Both subjects brought up personal stories of difficulties and obstacles, feeling isolated and trying to seek support. There were also positives talked about, such as good experiences getting support from GPs, and finding the community they had been looking for as a young parent.

With support from professional writers and camera people from Media Education, the group then developed their ideas further so that they could bring them to life. The parents became skilled in the use of the cameras, writing the interview scrips, acting and set design.  They concluded their projects with a watch party at the Media Education offices, and recorded reflections of their journey in the group, receiving a certificate from Edinburgh College for their work. But apart from the physical award, parents voiced an interest and confidence both behind and in front of the camera, which we will continue to build on here at Stepping Stones.

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