Toddler Steps

December 14, 2023

Toddler Steps

At Stepping Stones, we believe that access to early learning opportunities are vital and we understand that the toddler stage can bring with it new challenges as well as lots of fun. Our early learning team recognised a gap for this age group due to the demand for spaces in the local nurseries and feedback from parents who were looking for local opportunities to play with their children and support their development. Read on to hear more about Toddler Steps.

Staff sourced a venue at Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, which provides a fabulous space allowing us the opportunity to offer an indoor/outdoor play environment.  Toddler steps was created and targeted at children from 1-3yrs.  A tailored made programme was introduced with a holistic environment to allow children to play, engage, learn, roam freely and grow in confidence. Our group also allows time for parents to relax, reflect and engage with others offering opportunities for conversation which builds parents’ confidence around child development.

The launch of our Toddler group has encouraged parents and their children to come along, and experience play activities in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment. We believe this group has created an essential element for the children within our community to come along to play, have fun, engage, and mix with other children where they can share and extend on their early learning experiences.

Stepping stones staff are on hand throughout these sessions to support in all areas of play and development as we know all too well, toddlers are always in motion and responding to their social and emotional needs means providing everchanging learning opportunities.

As children continue to grow and develop, their daily needs and abilities will change right along with them. Toddler age children are active and curious, at Toddler Steps we provide the space and resources they need to continue developing their already learnt physical skills, motor development cognitive development and language skills.  We use documents such as GIRFEC, Realising the Ambition and UNCRC to support this.

We have had positive feedback from parents attending the group and currently have an extensive waitlist confirming the need for the group.

“Thank you for having us, we love coming along every week.  Would be better if on more than once a week”

“You are providing a great social play space, It’s so friendly and supportive.”

“The group is amazing”

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