Starcatchers at Stepping Stones

October 5, 2021

Starcatchers at Stepping Stones

Starcatchers recently joined Stepping Stones at Granton Community Garden to host a series of weekly sessions aimed at children under 5 and their families. Read on to hear what the session included and what our families gained from coming along.

The sessions explore themes from festivals which take place from round the world. Starcatchers used creative and imaginative ways to explore these festivals through sensory play, music and storytelling.

The festivals included Italy’s Carnival of Venice, India’s Holi Festival, Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival and Thailand’s Songkran Festival. It’s part of Starcatchers “Festival Adventure”, their project for 0–5-year-olds and their families which aims to enable families to experience multiculturalism and the beauty of diversity and celebrate uniqueness.

The families got the opportunity to experience mask making, painting, sensory play, taking part in interactive storytelling performances, and live music. The variety of experiences on offer helped support the development of the children’s gross and fine more skills and encourage imaginative and creative play.

All the activities and materials provided were unique and linked to the cultures explored in the festivals and was run by artists Cynthia Cheung and Marion Goffery.

Feedback from families included;

“I didn’t know about any of these festivals before taking part, so it was great to learn more and take part in such creative activities”

“K really enjoyed the sensory play and it was nice to have something suited more for the young children within the group”

“The set up of the sessions each week were amazing, with so much to take in and explore”


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