Making the most of Lock Down

June 11, 2020

Making the most of Lock Down

Undoubtedly these are challenging times however families across North Edinburgh have been trying to make the most of lock down by enjoying simple things they can do at home with their children. Recently this has included taking part in our kids art competition……

From which the winners were Ferm, Mason, Aaron and Fraser from the Gorrie family, followed up by Finaly and Bailey and then Afra in third place. Check out their great work below.


We have been delivering activity and learning packs to over 100 children every fortnight and we’ve had great feedback from families with Lucy commenting just today – “please pass on a big thank you to everyone at Stepping Stones for everything they handed in for the children since all this lock down started. It has really helped out and my boys have enjoyed it all. I was actually wanting to do some baking today but didn’t want to go out to the shops in the weather and then someone from Stepping Stones turns up with a baking bag and other stuff. Thanks so much”
We continue to offer a variety of on-line groups and 1:1 support to families so please do get in touch if you feel you or someone you are working with could benefit from some support during this time. The best way to contact us just now is by email to and Morag will be sure to link you or the family you are working with to the right support.

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