January 27, 2020


A Network of 84 organisations across Edinburgh have organised a campaign called #SideBySideEdin showing how Edinburgh’s charities work with Children, Young People & Families across the city, side by side all public services. We are pleased to be part of this campaign and for parents to have the opportunity to talk about what Stepping Stones means to them.

The campaign shares the experiences of children, young people and families. We hear how Edinburgh’s charities provide amazing support and that they change lives every day. To make this happen, charities work side by side with all public services in the City.

What does this contribution from Edinburgh’s charities look like? This is what children, young people and families said it looked like:

  • Kindness and understanding
  • Trust and relationships
  • Time and flexibility
  • A real difference

All of these things and much, much more make the work of Edinburgh charities essential for young people, children and families. Support us and spread the word with #SideBySideEdin.

Watch our video here and pop over to www.evoc.org.uk/sidebysideedin to see more videos and find out more about the campaign.

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