Easter Holidays

April 27, 2022

Easter Holidays

An absolutely choc-a-block Easter calendar this year at Stepping Stones!

At our Siblings Group, Siblings put their team work to the test in an agility course and treasure hunt at Granton Community Garden, working together to finish an agility course and treasure hunt. Afterwards, brothers and sisters had a wonderful time participating in a series of active dance, racing and imaginative activities. This group encouraged positive relationships within families and teamwork skills.


On Wednesday, Wee Steps Families joined Aggie, Dee and Ellen for the Meadows trip. Families enjoyed a Teddy Bears picnic and explored the playground before heading to the Museum of Scotland for an action packed day of learning. This group provided opportunities for family-based positive experience, learning and engagement in cultural activities.


On Monday, Children aged 6-10 joined the team at Fetlor Youth Club for the Strong Group. A group focused on Gender and Stereotypes among Primary school aged children. Children explored gendered expectations around their appearance and outer attributes, work-shopping the concept of a stereotype and the way in which it puts pressures on children to conform to certain expectations and binaries. Participating children explored notions of inner beauty and inner strength, each taking turns to crack geodes and take home crystals, reminding themselves that what is most important is their shining, inner core. Here, the focus was on the impacts of gender stereotypes and social pressures on Primary aged children, learning about gender inclusivity, acceptance and self-worth.


On Tuesday, 17 Stepping Stones children aged 6-11 headed to Gypsy Brae for the outdoor group  –  a full day of outdoor adventure and learning. Children got stuck in with a series of active and imaginative warm up activities, then joining Ali and Aggie to learn some rope typing skills before putting their learning to the test, heading-to-head in a den making competition. After lunch, children showed their creative sides, using natural materials to construct fairy dens, taking the rest of the group on a guided tour of their creations. The group then enjoyed the campfire as they explored the woodland in a series of dynamic games. The focus of this group was around creating positive experiences for Stepping Stones children, outdoor-focused facilitated play and learning, bridging opportunities for friendship and teamwork across children of a variety of age groups and improving health through outdoor activity.


On Wednesday, Stepping Stones young parents and children joined the team at Dalkeith Country Park for the GoApe/Fort Douglas Trip. After a picnic all together, parents and children headed to GoApe treetop Challenge and Fort Douglas Adventure Park, respectively, for a full day of fun and adventure. At GoApe, the young parents tested their confidence while supporting and encouraging other group members to finish the course, coming away with their heads held high after an adrenaline filled time. Meanwhile, children had a wild time playing at Fort Douglas and the extensive outdoor playground facilities there. This group provided positive experiences for parents and children, mutual empowerment and support in group work environments.


Finishing off our jam-packed week was the Stellar Quines Trip, a group for Stellar Quines Group Participants and their families at East Links Family Park. On the trip, families explored the grounds, engaged in a variety of activities and petted the farm animals. This group provided a well deserved space for quality time between Stepping Stones Families.

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