Toddler Steps

June 18, 2024

Toddler Steps

We have had a very busy term at our Toddler Group with lots of fun and learning. Read on to hear more about what the group have been up to.

We have introduced PEEP into the planning and have covered topics such as Understanding and Managing Behaviour’s, Movement & Language and Helping Children to Manage and Understand their feelings.  The introduction of PEEP has provided a new structure into the group and gives the parents a chance to gain information and share their own experiences and knowledge around the topic with their peers.

We’ve also had visits from Edinburgh Community Food, who carried out a Fussy Eating workshop, the parents got lots of hints and tips to try with their fussy eaters.  We have also had the Dentist giving a chat to parents providing some free toothbrushes and toothpaste with some Oral Hygiene do’s and don’ts for their little people.

Our toddlers really enjoy the space at Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre and the free flow indoor/outdoor bonus allows us the opportunity to set up lots of different types of play experiences for them.

Following the interest of the child we rounded up this term with a Gym Nippers session at Ainslie Park, this allowed the children the opportunity to use all the skills they have developed on the outdoor equipment at Drylaw on a much larger scale, using their gross motor, problem solving and risk awareness skills to navigate around lots of new  challenges.

If you require any further information regarding the group, please get in touch.

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