Forest Kindergarten

June 25, 2024

Forest Kindergarten

Our groupworker, Liam, recently went to forest kindergarten training, which introduced the concept of outdoor learning and its importance for child development. The training was situated in the Granton area and focused on finding green spaces in urban areas and bringing the benefits of the outdoors to children.

Their choice of location was extremely helpful since there is often an assumption that appropriate outdoor learning can only be found outside of cities, accessible to only the select few, but even a small amount of green space can be utilised. There are so many benefits for children including improving their confidence and social skills along with fine and gross motor skills. The children’s parents also have the opportunity to develop their confidence outdoors with these sessions, and open off-road space allows them to follow the children’s lead with play and activities. This training has already been utilised with the Toddler Steps group, with foraging for natural art materials, using mud kitchens and other outdoor activities being encouraged and facilitated.

When reflecting on this group, and planning another group for after the summer, these activities are so often initiated by the children, who are already so eager to experience the outdoors with staff and parents following their lead. Forest Kindergartens focus on giving children many opportunities for learning allowing them to explore and find them, thus developing curiosity, confidence and resilience that will help them thrive in nursery, school and later life.

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